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Stephanie Green

Stephanie Green  grew up on a farm in the rolling Quantocks Hills in Somerset, England. Her childhood was filled with endless summers and warm winter fires. Food came straight from the fields and nature all around her. After graduating from the University of Bath, she found her path as an artist, later joining a design studio in Bristol. Then a little over 10 years ago, she started her own design studio. Mama to  two strong, clever girls, she found herself drawing and creating pieces for them, nurturing their relationship with the natural world. Stephanie is now based on a working farm in rural Worcestershire, where she started her business, Waldorf Family, in October of 2018. Waldorf Family makes sustainable home decor and educational products for families which feature her illustrations. Stephanie’s intention is to help children and their grown-ups see the beauty and wonder in all things, from times tables to the passing of the seasons.