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Geertje Kapteijns

is a visual artist, living and working in Dordrecht, a small city in the west of theNetherlands. When she chose a Waldorf School education for her children, following the seasons and annual

festivals became a joyous and important part of her visual work. She started creating blackboard drawings,depicting the elements of the different seasons, celebrations and childhood themes. To preserve these fragileand impermanent drawings Geertje photographed them, releasing themover time as postcards and prints. The

cards are small works of art that encourage you to consciously reflect on the time of year or a certain eventand the feelings that accompany it.

Using the name 'Kapitein Kalk', which is Dutch for 'Captain Chalk', Geertje continues to make newblackboard drawings, working on commissions and producing postcards and prints. Drawing inspirationfrom her European heritage she also hopes to bring more of the world together through her future work.

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